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About Us

"Preparing youth for a brighter, more successful tomorrow."

Our goal is to ensure that all youth under the age of twenty-one years old have the tools they need to become successful adults. This means that we assist youth to the best of our ability in order to lift away the burdens of hunger, poverty, mental illness, abuse, etc. in order to better foster Positive Youth Development. In addition to aiding these children and young adults in their time of need, we give these participants the tools they will need to be successful when they no longer qualify for care from our facility.

Helping Hands Youth Center is not just here to place a band-aid over a child’s situation, we are here to transform it.

What is Positive Youth Development?

The Positive Youth Development Framework is a concept used to ensure that youth have the tools they need in order to develop into successful adults. This framework establishes four major aspects of life and learning that are considered most important in youth development: assets, agency, contribution, and enabling environment. 

HHYC uses this framework to formulate programs based on the four major categories in order to create an organization that best fosters positive youth development and success.


Youth have the necessary skills and resources to achieve their goals.


Youth have the ability to employ their assets to make their own decisions and act upon them.


Youth are able to contribute and are engaged in the betterment of their community.  

Enabling Environment

Youth are in an environment that works to foster their assets, agency, and opportunities. 

Meet Our Team

Taylor Lemoine

Taylor founded HHYC in July of 2019 with the goal of creating a safe haven for local youth to access the things they need to become successful. Taylor received her Bachelor's in English from LSU of Alexandria in 2019.

Taylor is a Cottonport native with two young sons, Finnlee and Briston, who have successfully turned her world upside-down. Taylor enjoys playing outside with her boys, gardening, reading, and working at HHYC.


Kathi Lachney

Kathi is a Cottonport native and has resided in the area her entire life. Kathi has two daughters, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She has been married to the love of her life for over 25 years and counting. Kathi enjoys gardening, tending to her chickens, and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Milk and Flower Bath

Jessica Ponthieux

Jessica is a Dupont native who now lives in Cottonport with her husband, two wonderful children, and three lovable Boxer dogs. Jessica enjoys camping, relaxing with friends, and playing with her dogs. 

Milk Bath

Brandi Chenevert

Brandi is a Cottonport native who attended LSU of Eunice in 2009 and LSU of Alexandria in 2017. 

Brandi lives with her son Bencent and their sweet dog Chippy. Brandi enjoys spending time with her son, together they love to swim, fish, and go to soccer games.


Anessa Sauseda

Anessa is a Hessmer native with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from LSU of Alexandria. Anessa has a beautiful baby daughter named Elliana who is the light of her life. Anessa enjoys napping with Ellie, hanging out with her friends, and teaching at HHYC. 

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