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Nonperishable Food Pantry

In a 2020 study by Feeding America, it was found that an estimated 38 million Americans are considered food insecure, with 12 million of those people being children under the age of 18. 

HHYC works to ensure every child in our community has access to nutritious food. Our office offers nonperishable food boxes of shelf stable items  to help local households create healthy meals for their children. 

Access to these food boxes are by application only and are available as soon as your application is approved, then once a month each subsequent month.

Typically all applications are processed same day.

To apply for our Food Pantry Program, please use the button below!

Making Healthy Meal

Obtaining food is half of the battle, now families are faced with cooking nutritious meals! 

All people, young or old, can build their plates using the same proportions:

-1/2 fruits and vegetables

-1/4 grains, preferably whole and unbleached

-1/4 protein, such as meat, nuts, and eggs


When healthy meals are partnered with proper exercise, children have a better chance at maintaining a healthy weight, reaching developmental milestones, achieving better grades in school, and lowering childhood stress levels.

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