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Foster Care Closet

In Louisiana alone, approximately 4,000 children are living in foster care. Many of these children enter care with only the clothes they are wearing and have an immediate need for items to help make their new house feel a little more like home. Our Foster Care Closet program provides free items such as clothing, hygiene products, linens, toys, and more to foster children currently in care. 

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How Does This Program Work?

The Foster Care Closet Program is open to both Certified Foster Parents and Non-Certified Familial Placements. There is no application for this program. Families only need to contact or visit our office to provide us with the appropriate verification paperwork. Once we have these documents, you or your child will be able to pick out the items they need to help better acclimate to their new home. If an item your child needs is not in our store, you can always request that our staff begin looking for donations of the items your child needs. 

What to Bring on Your First Visit

Placement Packet
Photo Identification

The placement packet is a set of documents given to the foster guardian by the DCFS caseworker establishing the certified foster placement of the child. These documents will include information such as the foster parent's name, the child's name, the DCFS caseworker's name, reason for the child's removal, and more.

If you have more than one child you hope to obtain items for, please bring the placement packet for each individual child.

A proper photo ID must be presented at the time of registration to ensure that the person of contact is listed on the placement packet. The photo ID does not have to be a driver's license, but it does have to be government-issued.

The name listed on the ID must match the name listed on the placement packet and the person pictured on the ID must be the person presenting it in the office.

After your initial visit, no paperwork or appointments are necessary! Simply come in during office hours to find the items your child needs!

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