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Holiday Presents

Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

This year HHYC will be wrapping holiday gifts for the public to help fund our various youth support programs. All funds raised will be divided equally between our Academic Department and Food Pantry Program, both of which are undergoing major expansions this year. 

Please help fund the growth of our company by letting us wrap your holiday gifts this year! The fundraiser will begin November 1st and last until December 16th. 

Gift Wrap Pricing List

Al La Carte Gifts

$2.50 Each

11-20 Gifts


31 Gifts or more

.75 each

1-10 Gifts


21-30 Gifts



.05 each

Our goal is to have all gifts returned within 24 hours. Please pre-register your gift drop-off to help ensure we can accomplish this!

Pre-Register your gift drop off here!
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We will email your shortly to confirm your registration.
Holiday Presents
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