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FAQ Corner: Why a Thrift Store?

The Almighty Question

Throughout the planning and execution phase of HHYC, I found myself constantly being asked "Why are you opening a thrift store?"

So many people could not understand what opening a thrift store had to do with starting a nonprofit.

Thrift Stores are a great addition to any not-for-profit company looking for a steady stream of income or a simple way to provide affordable amenities to their clients.

The perks of opening a thrift store to support HHYC have been ENDLESS and we have had no regrets since making our Affordable Thrift Store our landmark program!!

Our Programs

Believe it or not, the inventory we receive for our Thrift Store actually contributes to most of our company programs in ways OTHER than money!

HHYC often uses items such as clothing, linens, toys, etc. in many of our service projects and programs to assist families in need.

Most often we use this secondhand inventory in our Displacement Assistance and Prevention Program, which assists families who have been displaced by natural disaster, eviction, domestic abuse, and more. By providing these families with basic necessities, they can focus their funds on acquiring housing and placing utility deposits.

Surprisingly enough, our Thrift Store constantly receives unopened items as donations. As these items are received, HHYC determines whether they can be used for upcoming service projects or programs requiring new and unopened items such as our School Supply Drive and Christmas Giving Tree Program.

Our Mission

So how does all of this relate to HHYC's mission? Since our inception in 2019, our mission has been "Preparing Louisiana youth brighter, more successful tomorrow."

So how does a thrift store help prepare youth for success and prosperity?

For children living in poverty, or in families with fixed incomes, thrift merchandise is much more accessible to them than items that cots full retail price.

The benefits of children who have proper clothing, shoes, linens, and cookware in their homes is undeniable: you can't grow a beautiful flower without the proper water and sunshine. By giving children the most basic necessities, they are more easily able to flourish into successful adults.

When family adults are able to buy household necessities for cheaper prices, they are able to more easily afford household bills that cannot be thrifted...which totally sucks but whatever. If y'all find a discount electric company, hit me UP!

ANYWAYS, being able to buy thrifted items tremendously helps families better nurture their children.

What are Other Perks of the HHYC Thrift Store?

1 . The Money is for a Good Cause!

The goods sold in the HHYC Thrift Store are used explicitly for the proper operation of our organization. We are a federally-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit, which means the federal and state government acknowledge our charitable actions!

All of the funds raised via the thrift store help support program operations, program expansion, staff operations, direct client support, location maintenance, and more!!

2 . Buying Affordable Helps Everyone

When a person can buy the things they need or like for an affordable price, they are more easily able to afford their necessary bills. The truth is that people living in poverty deserve nice clothing, decorated homes, and toys for their children just like everyone else. By shopping secondhand, people with a smaller income are able to get more for their money and feel confident about the purchases they make!

3 . Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Thrifting saves lives!...well, the lives of clothing and toys, that is. Each year approximately 83 million pounds of clothing are thrown into the landfill when they could be donated to your local thrift store (PRN Newswire)! The manufacturing of clothing, toys, linens, and other items take large amounts of water and energy...and they were not meant to be thrown away when the next hot thing releases!

Soooo, Why a Thrift Store?!

Because why not! The HHYC Thrift Store has been a vital portion of our monetary AND program support.

Thrift stores are a great addition to any nonprofit and any community by welcoming people of all backgrounds. We are so proud to have a a thrift store that services hundreds of clients each month by providing them with quality secondhand items for an affordable price.

If you shop at our Affordable Thrift Store, thank you so much for your support! We cannot express the amount of gratitude we have for our clients who endlessly support our endeavors for a better Central Louisiana.



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