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Safe Havyn Education

THE Kickback

Safe Havynn Educational Center (SHEC) provides teens ages 13 to 19 with a fun, free opportunity to learn the skills they need to move forward in a positive direction. Their motto is "know better, do better, be better." SHEC covers topics such as interpersonal skills, relationship skills, emotional awareness, and sexual education in a fun and safe environment. SHEC has partnered with HHYC to bring this amazing service to Avoyelles Parish!

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Cottonport Kickback

Avoyelles first ever Kickback event  took place in Cottonport on August 27th at the Cottonport Community Center, whose use was donated by Mayor William "Scotty" Scott. 

Safe Havynn and HHYC worked together in providing a fun and safe educational environment.

Each of the 88 youth who completed the workshop of education received a $25 gift card as well as the chance to win a pair of Airpods!

HHYC and SHEC are exceptionally pleased with the turnout for the first Avoyelles Parish Kickback and look forward to once again educating our local teens!

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