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ACT Prep Courses

What is the ACT?

The ACT is an American standardized test used to determine college-readiness. The ACT is mostly multiple choice, with an optional writing portion. Every public school student in Louisiana is required to take the ACT during their high school career. The ACT is offered multiple times throughout the year at various testing locations, or the student will be able to take the ACT at their school during their junior year of high school. Colleges in the U.S. use ACT scores to determine admissions, scholarships, and course placement, so obtaining the best score possible is very important for students planning to continue their education.

ACT Prep with us!

HHYC wants our local students to succeed in every aspect of life, so we are offering various ACT Prep Classes throughout the year to ensure our students are ready to conquer their future. These classes will be one-day workshops covering ACT tips and tricks, an in-depth look at practice materials, how to overcome testing anxiety, and individualized subject remediation. Each course will be approximately 4 hours and cost $40 each, with multiple financial aid options available. 
Each course will be located at the HHYC Education Office at
862 Front Street, Suite B in Cottonport, LA.

Our next ACT Prep Course is:

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Ready to help your student thrive? Click the application button to register them today! Please note that your student's spot will NOT be saved until a deposit is received. To discuss financials, please call 318-224-2179, ext. 0.


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